A Joint Research Team from Kerbala University and Moscow Technology University Receives Patent for Creating a New Type of Antibiotics

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A joint research team from Kerbala University and Moscow Technology University receives a patent from the Russian Ministry of Science and Technology for formulating an organic compound that has a biological effect on bacteria and viruses.
The research team member, Dr. Rahman Tama Huel from the College of Sciences in Kerbala University, said that, with the aid of Dr.Kuznetsov Anatolij from Moscow Technology University, we were able to create antibiotics from organic compounds that have biological effects against bacteria and viruses.
Dr. Rahman elucidated that the discovered substance works to diminish the effect of viruses on the body. He also said that in the research, certain materials that have biological effectiveness, for example hexamethylenetetramine, were added to perfume compounds that also possess biological effectiveness (Anisyl Acetone) to formulate a new substance that is the first in the world.
The research continued in the laboratory for two years and it involved researching, experimenting, and examining the diverse chemical substances. The effort of the participants resulted in the acquisition of the patent and the formation of a substance that can be used in the manufacturing of medicine.
Dr.Kuznetsov stated that the compounds were identified via the implementation of various technologies including quantitative analysis of the materials, infrared waves, proton nuclear magnetic resonance, and spectral clustering. The analyses of the substances were conducted in the laboratories of the College of Chemistry in Moscow Technology University.

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