A Scientific Symposium at Kerbala  University on the Toxic Effects of Nanomaterials


With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Education for Pure Science at Kerbala  University holds a scientific symposium entitled “The Toxic Effects of Nanomaterials”.

     The symposium aims at introducing nanomaterials and their most important effects on nanomaterials and the nature of the use of these materials in scientific, medical and industrial fields, and the most important scientific applications in which they are used and find mechanisms for assessing systematic biosafety through a sophisticated study of the metabolism, physiology and anatomy of the treated body with those compounds

   The symposium deals on the toxic effects and chemical and physical properties of many nanoparticles in addition to their effect on various organs and systems of the body, including the liver, kidneys, respiratory and nervous systems, as well as the compounds combined with injection methods for nanomaterials such as inhalation and oral administration, and the use of these nanomaterials in treating many diseases,

    The symposium recommends that there should be a focus on selecting compounds that the living body can deal with after completing their tasks, such as those needed in building protein, to control the size of those compounds and reduce their toxicity and deepen their understanding of their properties in order to control them.

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