A Training Course on E-learning Programme at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/ Kerbala University


With the participation of a number of teaching staff members university,  the Department of Continuing Education at Kerbala University has organized a training course on the e-learning programme (Moodle) and the way of using it.

     The course, which has been hold at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, aims at developing the reality of education. This can be achieved depending on the e-learning program (Moodle). It facilitates the transfer
of  lectures to students and displaying them according to the programmes of electronic rooms on the Web.  Actually, the Moodle programme is a modern style to abide the traditional ways of learning and raise the skills of teachers in various aspects of knowledge.  All this is done electronically and students can easily access them.

     The course starts with the definition of the system and its scientific aspects and features that are exploited and services on the Internet to communicate the information to the student, using modern means of learning.

     The course sheds much light on the reliance on the programme considering it as the most important means used in education to provide a suitable educational and academic environment for students and teachers in accordance with advanced means.