A Workshop to Execute Infrastructure Projects


The Engineering College in Kerbala University conducted a workshop regrading building information modelling (BIM) for the purpose of constructing high quality infrastructures with the least cost.

The workshop aims at reviewing the latest techniques in constructing and designing buildings by using BIM. This technology is used to reduce the mistakes in the construction and execution as well as improving the managements and services of buildings. The workshop discussed the new methods used for 3D scanning of buildings which is important in transferring the information into practice in every step of the building construction. It also reviewed the results of the latest techniques and studies in this field that can help the construction of the infrastructures in the country. Moreover, the workshop discussed the trails and practices of developed countries as well as the future of building technologies.

The participants emphasized the importance of BIM technology in revolutionising the construction of buildings in a way that will enhance the production, quality, and safety of buildings. Moreover, the use of such technology is paramount for the Iraqi government project of using the information and communication technology of E-Government.

The workshop, which was held with the participation of the Project Management Association of Iraq, concluded that the appropriate implementation of BIM technologies will dramatically improve the relationship of staff as well as the reduction of mistakes, time, and cost of the design and construction of the buildings.