An M.A. Thesis at Kerbala University on the subject of Durrat Al-Safa in the interpretation of the Imams of Huda

رسالة علوم اسلامية1

An M.A. thesis in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Kerbala about, Durrat Al-Safa, in the interpretation of the Imams of guidance from Surat Al-Fatiha to Surat Al-Anam : study and investigation,
The thesis, presented by the student Mazen Hammoud Matroud, aims at studying the importance of interpretation and the role of the Imams of guidance in the Holy Quran and to reach the true meanings of the Holy Quran.
The discussion shows that interpretation is of great importance due to the constant need to understand the Holy Qur’an and its accurate meanings and profound concepts due to its high-end concepts, wisdom, judgments, stories, sermons and comprehensiveness that come from the highest level of eloquence.
The discussion emphasizes on the necessity of standing and contemplation to know the purposes of the Noble Qur’an and so as to understand the meanings and knowledge of its vocabulary, its structures, its surface and deep meaning, so it becomes an independent, broad and comprehensive science. All sciences, including linguistics with its branches, the sciences of the Qur’an and other sciences, are among its technical tools that are used to understand, explain and interpret it as far as human energy.
The discussion clarifies the importance of the expansion of this science. Expository schools emerged from which various approaches were taken in interpreting the Holy Qur’an, and the methods of interpreters varied according to those schools according to the sciences they relied on, including the Qur’anic curriculum, the archaeological curriculum, the linguistic curriculum and other curricula.

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