Department of Media

The Department of Media and Public Relations was established at the University of Karbala with the establishment of the University in 2002. It is the link between the faculties and departments of the university and the publishing institutions. It is responsible for everything related to publishing. Therefore, it participates with all faculties and departments of the university to highlight its activities and solve the problems that arise in the media. Belong to any college, department or center of the university.


Department means the activities and media events that serve the university students, professors, and employees, reflecting the clear picture of the reality of the University and the movement of creativity and development.


To search for strengths and excellence and to spread them by investing media in various disciplines and types in order to consolidate academic, research, academic and valuable traditions that meet the needs of the society and to paint the bright future of it.


Define the role of the university and its mission, and strive to build a positive image of the university to the public internal and external
And covering the activities of the university and its colleges, centers and directorates media, newspapers, radio and television.
And follow-up what is published in the newspapers of complaints of interest to the university and colleges and centers and departments, and follow-up of these problems and response and resolution in coordination with the relevant authorities and various publishing institutions and regulate the flow of newspapers to the university through subscription or purchase.
Facilitating and organizing the work of journalists, journalists and television networks in holding various meetings with the President of the University, assistants, deans of colleges, directors of centers, directorates, news industry, reports and media investigations.

The duties and duties of the Media and Public Relations Department

1- Defining the role of the university and its mission, and striving to build a positive image of the university among the internal and external public
2 – Coverage of the activities of the President of the University and assistants and the organization of press conferences, and the convening of conferences
3- Publishing all news and announcements about the university, and facilitating the task of journalists and journalists to obtain information related to the university.
4 – Interaction with the community and meet the needs of information and accurate statistical facts
5. Communicate with the media to disseminate the University’s mission, its services to the community, and organize meetings and press conferences for university officials
6- Preparing and issuing bulletins concerning the achievements and activities of the university and distributing them inside and outside the university.
7. Media documentation for all activities of the University
8. Support colleges and departments in the implementation of events and conferences
9. Develop and develop student skills and abilities in the practice of media work
Principles, theories, concepts, methods and techniques of modern communication that help them to communicate with the Department of Information at the University of Karbala
10 – Organizing celebrations in different events and coverage of media

Achievements of Information Section

1- Issuing the university newspaper
2- Issuing a journal of degrees
3- Publishing the activities of the university on the website and on the internet
4- Publishing the activities of the university on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
5 – Communicate with the university channel and other Iraqi satellite channels
5- Issuing the university’s evaluation
6 – Dedicate universities, departments and colleges publications university and department
7 – Coverage of all university activities through coordination with media institutions in various disciplines and organizing celebrations and cultural weeks.

Future plans of the Department of Information at the University of Karbala

First: To seek the establishment of FM radio five thousand kW after the completion of the cadre in the section
Second: the Cultural exchange between the university and the Iraqi, Arab and international broadcasting institutions with the aim of achieving communication and building bridges to broadcast the activities and events through these radios.
Thirdly: A media message about the academic, academic, research, service and urban facilities, in addition to the artistic, cultural and scientific activities, creativity, successes, excellence, and excellence that takes place in the university, highlighting the creative staff at the university and broadcasting it through the university channel. Collaborate with her to broadcast TV messages to the university.
Fourth: To achieve communication with the TV channels by meeting the invitations of the attendees in the additions of these channels to the staff of the media department, and work on the investment of these seminars and television programs to introduce the activities and events and innovations and the development and success of the University.
Fifth: channeling invitations to the channels for the work of reports, programs and messages, in addition to covering press conferences and taking statements from the university staff, as well as seeking to extend bridges of cooperation with these channels by making room for them to photocopy programs and conduct competitions in the university to reflect the real picture of the state of stability and progress witnessed by University colleges, centers, and departments.
Sixth: To achieve good media coverage of the activities, events, conferences, and seminars held by the university’s colleges and centers
Seventh: Invest the university and the ministry’s website to broadcast the university’s news and publications (for the newspaper and the magazine), in addition to the news and activities of the university.
Eighth: Open a page on the site (Facebook) to view video films in addition to articles and audiovisual, read and visual.
Ninth: Investment (YouTube) for the presentation of video files as well as pages of the magazine (degrees) and newspaper (university) and films.
Tenth: Encourage professors, researchers, students and associates to write and publish in the publications of the department and promote ideas and information projects that serve the university and its members and society, and extend bridges of cooperation between the university and educational institutions and media in order to achieve mutual benefit.