Engineering Department

The Department of Engineering Affairs consists of the following divisions:

– Division of design and planning and study projects

The Division shall be responsible for the experience and competence of the Division and shall have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. The Division shall consist of the following units:

A – Plan unit and feasibility study for projects: – Perform the following tasks

– Preparation of integrated studies (technical and economic feasibility) to determine the requirements for the establishment of new projects or rehabilitation and maintenance of existing buildings

– Preparing and auditing forms for projects to prepare them for the purpose of discussion and inclusion within the plan of the Ministry of the budget or the development of the regions

– Preparation of development plans and training and the size of cadres required

– Preparation of a database of all the operational and educational requirements of laboratory equipment and equipment

B – design unit: – and performs the following tasks

– Works of surveying and preparation of new building designs and the work of the necessary modifications on the existing buildings

– Audit of designs prepared by consulting offices

– To carry out quantitative survey preparation of tables of quantities included technical specifications and prices

– Study the operational efficiency of the executed buildings and identify the weaknesses to avoid in future designs

– Providing technical advice regarding designs and auditing plans

– Participate in pricing committees and additional terms

C – The unit of accounting: and performs the following tasks

– Follow-up allocation of funds for projects to be implemented on the axis of the investment plan

– Monitoring disbursements and transfers of projects

– Participation in the opening committees and analysis of tenders

– Implementation Division

The division is headed by an experienced engineer with a degree in Engineering Engineering and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

1. Duties and terms of reference: The functions of the Division are based on two main axes

I – forming the resident engineer departments, which do the following: –

Supervising the execution of the engineering works of the assigned projects

B – Prepare change orders, recommend and grant additional terms

C) Organizing the work and daily facts register

D – Coordination with relevant authorities to overcome the obstacles to implementation

C- Participation in the committees of receipt and final grain and any committees or other work that is woven with the work of the Division

II – the formation of hidden committees committees hidden behind the hidden acts during the implementation

2. Structure: The Division’s staff consists of the following terms of reference

A – Various engineering specialties (civil, electrical, mechanical, mechanical)

B) Technicians with different specialties

– Follow-up Division

1. Duties and terms of reference: The functions of the Division shall be as follows:

A – Follow-up projects and technical and financial audit to determine the percentage of achievement in addition to stand on obstacles and the indication of deviations and the provision of solutions

Preparing the monthly reports of the investment plan projects executed on the other axes as well

Evaluation of the performance of project personnel

(D) Formation of pricing committees and additional terms

(C) Formation of the receiving and final committees

H) Follow-up and auditing of materials used in the implementation of projects

2. Structure: The staffing of the Division consists of the following terms of reference

A – Different engineering specialties (electrical, civil, mechanical …)

B – Computer Science