Tuition fees

University of Kerbala is a non-profit organization that enrolls domestic students in the morning programs via the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for free. In accordance with the Ministry’s instructions, the following table represents the average fees for international students, morning private parallel students, private postgraduate students, and evening studies students.

  Type of Study Iraqi Dinar US Dollar
International Students Undergraduate Studies 3,000,000 2430
Postgraduate Studies
(Master Degree)
10,375,000 8305
Postgraduate Studies (PhD) 12,750,00 10,200
Private Students Undergraduate Studies
(Parallel Program)
2,000,000 1620
Postgraduate Studies
(Master Degree)
6,875,000 5537
Postgraduate Studies (PhD) 8,500,000 6815
Evening Studies Students Undergraduate Studies 1,875,000 1489