Finance Department

The Department of Finance is one of the vital departments in the University of Karbala and consists of many of the competent people in financial matters:
1- Current Budget Division
2- Salaries Division
3. Division of Retirement
4- Investment Plan Division
5. Financial Planning Division
1- Current Budget Division: Organizing the disbursement documents, organizing the documents of the settlement of advances, and editing the instruments of the colleges and the presidency.
Each staff member in this division is responsible for a special record and such records (daily records, expenditure record, safety and income registry, advances register, petty cash register and document control record)
2 – Salaries Division: The salaries department is concerned with the work of the lists of the salaries of employees working in the presidency, in addition to the transactions for school hours, matrimony, children and retirement.
3 – Division of retirement: one of the people of the Department of Finance in the presidency of the University of Karbala and has two main tasks are:
1- Retirement: Follow-up of the arrests and the contribution of pensions to the university employees in all its faculties and organizing them with an electronic program and sending them to the state employees’ pension fund in addition to an instrument for the amounts due to the above mentioned fund
2 – Deductions: Follow up deductions of university employees in all faculties through the payroll, and sent to the beneficiary or credit departments, including: the advances of employees from banks, rents, administrative orders implementation, and deductions of real estate and housing.
4 – Division of investment expenditure: manages and follow up the completion of work by the companies for projects in the university city (Freha) and the site of the old university (district employees) as well as disbursement of amounts owed to the owners of companies and under the contract concluded with them when the implementation of the project.
5- Financial Planning Division: This division supports the financial allocation and the monthly matching of the records of the colleges and knowledge of the completion rates of the colleges and control the exchange through the monthly matching