Internal Audit Department

The Department of Supervision is considered to be one of the departments of the University’s autonomous presidency and is directly related to the Rector and the organizational structure of Karbala University.

The Internal Control and Audit Department consists of:

  1. Director of the Department of Audit and Internal Audit
  2.  People of censorship:
    1. Audit Division and Investment Plan
    2. Administrative and Legal Control Division
    3. Asset Control Division
    4. Scientific Affairs and Registration Division

There are people supervised in all colleges affiliated to the presidency of the University of Karbala

The concept of control:

The department aims to audit all financial and administrative operations and control the financial resources and revenues achieved in the presidency of the university and affiliated colleges

And to ensure compliance with the laws and instructions and decisions in force and to achieve the objectives of oversight and internal audit.

Functions of the Internal Control and Audit Department:

  1. Auditing the accounts of the University before and after the disbursement, including the final accounts and in accordance with the laws, regulations, instructions and accounting standards.
  2. Auditing the university and administrative orders according to the administrative, financial and scientific powers of all university levels.
  3. Carrying out the sudden inventory of the presidential and college stores and comparing the results with the annual inventory and the stock records taking into consideration the movement of the store.
  4. Audit the balance of accounts relating to fixed assets with the actual asset in the sections.
  5. Follow-up movement of materials damaged and slow movement and materials that have been transferred to the storage of waste and consumables in the Presidency of the University.
  6. Preparing periodic reports and submitting them to the Rector.
  7. Contribute to the appointment committees and their bodies and ensure that they are operating in accordance with the laws in force.
  8. Contribute to the distribution of financial allocations with annual budgets and follow-up of their expenditure.
  9. Audit the higher education funds periodically.
  10. Ensure that the purchases are in accordance with the instructions and laws issued.
  11. Audit the accounts of the investment plan according to the instructions and laws.
  12. Establishing training courses for employees related to the final accounts, auditing, control, and warehouses according to the requirements of the labor interest.