Karbala University Achieving High levels within the World Rankings


The University of Kerbala has gotten high levels within the Spanish world rankings (TRANSPARENT RANKING) for discreet universities, which includes the rankings of the largest and most prestigious international universities, progressing two places from last year.
The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Basem Al-Saedi, says that the Kerbala University has achieved an advanced scientific achievement in international classifications, indicating that this achievement comes in response to the great efforts made by university professors in completing and publishing research and citations to obtain such advanced centers.
Al-Saedi adds that the university has more “procedures, follow-up and measures to be carried out according to international standards, in order for the university to be classified according to the ambition to achieve the best around the world level and not only the local or regional level.
The President of the University explains that the number of citations in the past year is 6667 and thanks to the efforts of the distinguished professors and researchers and the Classifications Committee at the university, the number of citations for this has reached to 8721.
He emphasizes that the University of Kerbala will not stop at a certain point, but will go ahead in obtaining the most advanced global centers, and the near future will witness more “progress and development at all levels, as we work and work together and in the spirit of one team, according to a parallel scientific approach and according to a confident pace.

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