Kerbala University in Cooperation with the British University of Aberystwyth Inaugurates the Project of Digital Robots


      As part of the University’s programs to promote E-learning and benefit from pilot experiences, University of Karbala has make cooperation within University of Aberystwyth concerning the project of digital robots.  President of the University, Prof. Dr. Bassem Khalil Al-Saidi, says that Karbala University, in accordance with the development of modern technology, is keeping pace with modernity within advanced scientific programs by adopting new curricula and methods in education, focusing on studied research projects that serve the community within the objectives set for the university.

       Al-Saidi resumes his speech stating  that the project of digital robots is a gateway to the dissemination of modern technology among the students and encourage them to creativity, innovation and joint work according to academic standards within the atmosphere of modern education to keep pace with the changes in advanced technology.

       For his part, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Baqer Abdul Zahra Al-Ardi comments on this programme saying  that it includes the establishment of several workshops for the purpose of learning on robot and to learn about modern technology,  the way of dealing with sophisticated programs in scientific methods sober, and training to solve problems using engineering, technology and programming through cooperation with international universities.