Kerbala University Conducts a Workshop on the Latest Uses of Medicinal Plants


The College of Pharmacy conducted a workshop about the influencing factors on pharmaceutical raw materials and the various techniques of extracting active substances from medicinal plants.
The workshop aims at researching the latest uses of plants in the manufacturing of medicine to develop the information of researchers.
The conducted workshop discussed the most advanced strategies of extracting active substances from plants as well as the herbal additives that are used in designing medicinal doses. The workshop also discussed the natural substances available in Iraq and the potential of using such substances in manufacturing medicine in accordance with international standards. Furthermore, the workshop participants conferred the medicinal and biological characteristics of natural products, the latest trends in medicinal plants, and the newest reliable methods in evaluating extracted medicine from natural products. The researchers also discussed the ramifications of misusing medicinal plants, proper storage techniques, and the proper time of the year in which such medicinal plants are gathered.
In conclusion, the workshop emphasized the need to encourage research collaborations in the field of medicinal plants so that such substances can be used in pharmaceutical research. The workshop also stressed on the need to take advantage of the plant resources that exist in Iraq so that these resources can be used in herbal medicines.