Kerbala University Discussing an M.A. Thesis on Human Development in Imamiyyah Jurisprudence


The College of Islamic Science at Kerbala University has discussed an M.A. thesis entitled (Human Development in Imamiyyah Jurisprudence).

       The thesis, submitted by the student Ali Abd Ali Ali Hamza. aims at identifying the concept of human development and its importance in the jurisprudence system at the Imamiyyah and the greatness of explaining the spiritual and human status that the Prophet’s households have in the real life and for Muslims.

      The discussion shows that the Imamiyyah school possesses a juristic project that covers the facilities of life and is able to absorb all the variables that humanity is going through and can simulate all ages and places as well as rooting for the concept of human development in the Imamiyyah’s vision.

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