Kerbala University Employs Electronic Exams

This year, Kerbala University conducted electronic final year exams to ensure excellent quality and results.

The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid Al-Saadi, said that Kerbala University started using electronic learning and testing in several curriculums in different colleges. He stated that the Moodle program was applied in the College of Social Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Nursery, as well as the College of Pharmacy which applied an electronic examination system. In addition, the president of the university stated that interactive learning provides incredible flexibility, lessens effort and time, increases test reliability, and ensures speed and accuracy. He also emphasized that the incorporation of electronic learning and classroom learning will ensure great outcomes.

The vice president of scientific affairs, Dr. Zuhair Mohammed, emphasized the importance of maintaining the quality of electronic learning in terms of content, measurement, and evaluation to formulate an interactive educational environment that will support creativity and knowledge as well as attain learning and academic achievement. He also emphasized that the university is keen to use the latest technologies in learning to achieve academic outcomes that are in accordance with international standards.

The students emphasized the importance of applying electronic learning for graduate and postgraduate students and keeping up to date with the latest developments in this field for the purpose of achieving synchronization between the student, the lecturer, and the curriculum. They also stated that electronic learning is important for the university to apply as it is prominently used in international universities.

It is important to emphasize that Kerbala University approved the use of electronic learning for this academic year in different colleges, conducted several workshops about this subject inside and outside Iraq including the workshop conducted in collaboration with the United Nations’ German Program in Iraq.