Kerbala University holding a Seminar on the Problematic of the Linguistic Term between Translation and Rooting


With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Kerbala University has organized a seminar entitled “The problematic of the linguistic term between translation and rooting“.

The seminar shows that the term is a branch of linguistics, as it is a specialty generated by linguistics, and it depends on some theoretical frameworks that guide the application and a set of approaches that secure the validity of what it produces. It is a cooperative work with linguistics in which the linguist plays the role of defining the scientific method that produces the term.

The seminar deals with the role that linguistics participate in helping linguist to name terms and control their specialized field, which has a mainly communicative role and prompts researchers to control the context of the use of the term.

The seminar sheds light on the need to differentiate between the linguistics of the term and the linguistic term, so that the term is the focus of the private lesson from linguistics, since the specificity of the linguistic term comes within the circle of linguistics of the term.

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