Kerbala University Holding a Training Course on Preparing the Scientific Promotions Requirement


 With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Medicine at Kerbala University has organized a training course on ways of preparing the requirement for scientific promotions.

      The course aims at providing the qualifiers with the latest scientific promotions, the most important conditions that must be met in the teaching promotion and clarify the details of the scientific promotion starting from a teacher and ending with the professor.

 The course deals with techniques to upgrade the numbers of the two students’ scientific promotion requirements which included table No. (1) for promotions, table No. 2 and the total number of degrees that must be obtained in order to get the scientific promotion.

     The session emphasizes the activation of the role of the scientific committees of the scientific branches by specifying the points of teaching who request promotion in advance of sending the transaction to the college’s deanship, as well as setting up workshops and other seminars within the scientific branches by the chairman and members of the scientific committee.

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