Kerbala University Holding a Workshop on Coronavirus in Humans and Animals


 The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala has held an electronic workshop entitled (“A Glimpse of Coronaviruses in Human and Animal”), in which Dr. Latif Ibrahim Kazim has delivered it on Zoom platform.

     The workshop aims at introducing the Coronaviruses, the most important strengths therein and their wide spread between humans and animals and the most important diseases that cause them in addition to ways to prevent them.

    The lecturer points out that coronaviruses come from animals and infectious bronchitis virus in chickens discovered since 1930 and the viruses of this family infect humans and animals.

     He shows that these viruses are important from a pathological point of view to the presence of several different strains the severity of the disease in humans and animals varies from case to case and according to many factors, and there is no cross-immunity in the true sense of protection, so the disease can be infected more than once, but in a less severe form.

    The lecturer deals with the process of producing an effective vaccine and gives complete immunity in it with some difficulty, and we must rely on prevention methods, instructions and health guidelines to avoid catching the disease.

     The workshop recommends the need to prevent the virus by following health instructions and guidelines, improving health conditions, isolating and characterizing the local viral strains that cause the infection, setting up an advanced laboratory for vaccine production, providing scientific, material and moral support to university professors and researchers to follow up on this and other diseases.