Kerbala University Holding a Workshop on the Use of a Chromatography Device


The Faculty of Science at the University of Kerbala has hold a virtual workshop via the ZOOM application entitled “Optimal and safe conditions for the use of high-precision liquid chromatography device” with the participation of more than 200 lecturers from various universities of Iraq. Lect. Ihsan Mahdi Shahid, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has delivered it.
The lecturer says that the workshop aims at introducing ways of to working on the HPLC device and conduct analyzes professionally to conduct laboratory experiments for students and researchers.
He adds that it includes giving a quick idea about the reason for orientation of this technique, as well as explaining the practical steps that must be taken to measure such analyzes with an indication of how to conduct the analysis with HPLC technology and how it can control some effects such as changing the acid function, using ionic double, changing the type of Colum as well as ways of choosing the runoff speed is appropriate for the purpose of obtaining a suitable analysis within the permissible limits.

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