Kerbala University Journal of Modern Science getting advanced positions at the SJR Center within the Scopes World Ranking


The University of Kerbala Journal of Modern Science has obtained advanced positions in the SJR site for the classification of scientific journals within the Scopes World Classification. This achievement is due to  the higher leaders at the University of Kerbala  who have worked committed and past with determination and strength in upgrading the university and enhancing its role in the production of knowledge and transfer of skills to serve the community and consolidate a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and prepare distinguished students in their fields of specialization, as well as work to spread the culture of volunteer work and contribute  in decision-making and the advancement of scientific and research realities by encouraging researchers to publish in international journals with a high impact factor and openness to international universities and their participation through specialized research teams and open to society and deepening the role of national, institutional and service partnerships.

It is to achieve an important qualitative achievement, which is represented in the appearance of the University of Kerbala Journal – College of Sciences entitled Kerbala International Journal of Modern Science, in the site Scimago Journal Ranking (SJR) to classify the magazines included in the Scopus container, where it got the h-index = 13 and came in the second quarter with regard to computer and chemistry specialization.

The President of the University stresses the continuation of the work to achieve more of these scientific achievements, by improving university education in our dear Iraq to restore its prestigious and usual position and raise the name of Kerbala University at the levels within the gates of global publishing.  He calls on professors and researchers to make more intensive scientific efforts and participate on behalf of the University of Karbala in all international forums specialized in scientific research.

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