Kerbala University Organizes a National Conference about Peaceful Coexistence and Psychological Health


The College of Human Sciences in Kerbala University conducted its first national conference about peaceful coexistence in Iraq. Representatives from the United Nation’s refugee agency participated in the event as well as various representatives from different organizations and students.

The conference, which was entitled ‘Psychological Health and Peaceful Coexistence: The Vital Pillars needed in Building Society’, discussed the consequences of intellectual pollution on peaceful coexistence, positive social interaction, community integration, and accepting one another.

More than 40 research fields were conferred in the conference to elucidate the notions of peace, psychological health, identity, immigration, and unemployment.

The conference concluded with the emphasis on establishing psychological counseling centers that will conduct workshops and seminars to treat psychological disturbances related to stress. The conference participants stressed the need to reinforce the psychological counselling units in Iraqi Universities as well as open new counselling centres in all colleges to resist intellectual corruption and insure a healthy society.  Furthermore, they emphasized the need to highlight the ideas of national belonging in the curriculum as well as to train university student volunteers to spread awareness about psychological health and provide psychological support for the community.