Legal Affairs Department

Organizational Structure of the Legal Affairs and Tasks Section

First: Notary Division:

1- Tasks and duties:

– Organization of guarantees, undertakings and agencies to ratify them

– Organizing contracts for students of scholarships, fellowships and academic leave

– Ratification of the required documents for transactions organized within the university

2. Number and nature of the functions of the existing staff:

– Notary Department Director

– Organizing and certifying guarantees, pledges and agencies

– Archive and conservation

II / Lawsuits and Rights Division:

1. Tasks and duties:

– Follow-up of criminal cases, especially those relating to cases referred to the Integrity and Fraud Commission for official study documents and editorials at the university

– Follow-up of the proceedings filed by the university and on them

 Third: Acquisitions Division:

1- Tasks and duties:

– Follow-up acquisition of real estate allocated to the University

– Follow up the lifting of cases of encroachment on the property of the University

– Follow up the allocation of land for the University for the purposes of future expansions

IV / Division of Opinion Statement:

1- Tasks and duties:

– Provide an opinion regarding inquiries and legal issues

– Follow up investigative and audit committees on the problems and irregularities within the university