M.A Thesis in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Kerbala University discusses the Impact of genetic Changes in the Development of Diabetes

مرض السكري

In Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Kerbala University,  M.A Thesis discusses the role of vitamin D in causing diabetes and studying the relationship between the level of vitamin D and resistance of the insulin.The current study aims at showing the relationship between inheritance patterns  of the genetic recipient  of vitamin D, and the decrease of vitamin D with another sort. It also sheds light on the body mass index and the fats on appearance and development of the illness. The study deals with the  complicated interaction of the hereditary laborers and environmental that result diabetes, and the decrease of vitamin D that cause this second sort of the disease. It ends up with the conclusion that genetic modification of the  vdr-foki gene has a strong connection in appearance and development of this disease  of second type, in addition to the effect on the allele (c) in increasing this disease.