Ph. D. Dissertation about Rice in the Central Region in College of the Education for Pure Sciences- Kerbala University

اطروحة الرز

With the presence of the  dean of the College and a number of teaching staff in College of the Education for Pure Sciences- Kerbala University,  a Ph. D, Dissertation entitled ( Phenotypic, Cellular and Partial Study of a Number of Rice Varieties in the Central Region of Iraq) has been  discussed by the Ph. D. student, Balqees Hadi Hashim Al-Musawi.

     This study aims at evaluating the performance of a number of local and introduced genotypes, diagnosing genetic and phenotypic linkage between traits to the optimum electoral criterion and providing the national rice programme in Iraq with accurate information to be used in the development of varieties and genotypes and distinct high-yield. The study examines the chromosomal structure of  genotypes because of its importance in panting and breeding programme. It assess the state of chromosomal stability in the division that are an indicator of the stability of genetic structures and deals with chromosomal  changes in the proprieties that reflect the genetic differences well as highlighting the abnormalities.

     With  more details and scientific evidence, the  student has  given the degree of doctoral in her field.