The Engineering College in the University of Kerbala Conducted its Second International Conference


The College of Engineering conducted its second international conference. 240 international and local researchers participated in the event.
The conference aims at strengthening the scientific research, publicizing engineering innovations, and participating in solving the problems faced by the society. Moreover, the conference discussed the latest advances in engineering research, the newest scientific discoveries, as well as the latest methods of recycling construction and agricultural waste materials in building construction.
The participants of the conference discussed 96 different research paths in the various fields of engineering, including green buildings, renewable energy, project management, and developing constructed buildings to make them more sustainable.

The Minster of Higher Education representative, Dr.Mosa, said that in Kerbala University, he found a level of development that is similar to that of international universities and this conference demonstrates this advancement in terms of the organization and the high standards of the studies that were presented in the conference.
The president of the University of Kerbala, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid Saadi, said that the university always aims to develop its scientific and academic position and to keep up to date with the latest research discoveries in the field of engineering. He emphasized the need to find a suitable scientific setting to exchange information and reinforce communication between researchers.
The dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Basim Khalil Nail, said that the conference aims at supporting the path of academic and scientific research by reviewing the latest research and scientific discoveries that reinforce engineering standards as well as acquaint us with the challenges faced in engineering.
The conference concluded in emphasizing the need to reinforce the cooperation between researchers, exchange expertise via using the latest communication techniques, conduct scientific workshops via the internet, establish research projects between Iraqi universities and international universities, initiate research fellowships for postgraduate students, and direct the research work in developing current engineering projects to make them sustainable.

University Of Kerbala