The University of Kerbala Holding a Training Course entitled “Correct posture positions and some of the resulting errors to identify some common diseases that affect the chest


The Faculty of dentistry at the University of Kerbala held an electronic training course entitled “positions of correct standing and some of the resulting errors and the identification of some common diseases that affect the chest”” with the participation of a group of teachers from outside and inside the Faculty through the Zoom electronic platform.
The course aims at introducing the dentist as a member of the medical staff responsible for human health on the correct chest rays, avoid the wrong image and identify the most common diseases that affect the respiratory system and that benefit him to avoid dealing with such a patient before the medical intervention by the specialist doctor.
The course includes an explanation of performing the usual chest radiology and the basic requirements accompanying the implementation of the correct imaging necessary to reach the accurate medical diagnosis, as well as an explanation of the correct and wrong positions when taking pictures and how they affect the medical diagnosis.
It also deals with a simple explanation of a group of common diseases affecting the respiratory system that appear in the x-ray and how to differentiate them.