The University of Kerbala Organizes a Training Course about Life Saving Skills and Emergency Medicine

The College of Nursing in the University of Kerbala organized a training course about the necessary lifesaving skills and first aid kits. Students from the College of Medicine participated in the event.

The training course is intended to inform and specify the threats that might endanger life, learn how to save lives, and administer first aid for life threatening conditions.

The training course included how to provide first aid for life compromising conditions that include choking, unconsciousness, severe bleeding, strokes, heart attacks, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, allergy, burns, and different wounds. .

The college dean, Prof. Dr. Ali Kareem AL Juboori, stated that several students and academic staff members participated in the event to advance their awareness and skills. Furthermore, the dean emphasized that the participants can apply the theoretical knowledge they possess in practical and real life situations using laboratory and medical equipment that are available in the college.