The University of Kerbala Receives a Delegation from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

وفد المتحدة

The University of Kerbala received a delegation from the UNDP to discuss the e-learning system of the university as well as to qualify the university staff in electronic management.

The vice president of scientific affairs in the University of Kerbala, Dr. Zuhair Mohammad Ali, stated that the project started two years ago as a collaboration between the UNDP and the University of Kerbala. This cooperation included workshops to train lecturers and staff members for the purpose of acclimatizing them with e-learning. In the meeting, both parties discussed ways of developing this project to elevate the university into the next step.

The assistant administrator of the UNDP in Iraq, Mr. Ali Kamoonah, who visited the university to evaluate the development of the e-learning project, stated that we chose the University of Kerbala because of our productive collaborations as well as to accomplish our mission of integrating e-learning productively to further the development of the university.