Training Course Entitled (Creating Educational Content on Moodle System)

موودل الزراعة

With the participation of a number of teaching staff of the college, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Karbala has  hold a training course entitled (Creating educational content on the Moodle system). It is lectured by assist. Lect. Ali Abdul Redha

     The course includes several axes, the most important overview of the system , how it works and know the differences between the importance of the establishment of the course and the interaction of students and the electronic exam. It also implies the nature of the steps to create the course on the Moodle system.

      Dr. Thamer Karim Al-Janabi, The dean of the college, remarks that the aim of the course is to adopt an interactive electronic education system between the professor and the student to increase communication between them.  For  easiness,  multiplicity of means of  getting information presented by the professor is another reason for using this technique. He adds that the establishment of this course is  to develop the skills of associates and to improve the quality of education in the college, pointing out that the holding of these activities come within the plans of the college to receive the next academic year.