University’s President Office

The Office of the President of the University is carrying out various tasks in the various departments of the presidency, colleges, and government departments.
Receiving applications from teachers and students
Coordinating the dates of interviews with the President of the University
Receive the ministerial books received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other government ministries
Presenting gifts to the rest of the universities in public and private events
Export of official university books
Distribute your incoming mail to university colleges and departments
Receive incoming guests to the office and meet their requests
The president’s office consists of five employees. The head of the office of the president of the university has the main tasks of coordinating the appointments of the president of the university and facilitating the requests of the students and students to come to the office and try to provide all the means that provide the greatest service to the auditors and from different governmental and non governmental bodies.
There are also staff responsible for the receipt and registration of books received and issued to the Office of the President of the University and the meetings of teachers and staff at the level of (transfer of services, placement, sick leave, and complaints
A staff member is responsible for receiving the e-mail contained in the office of the President of the University from outside Iraq and within it, and immediately answering urgent requests, as well as sending congratulations and congratulations on national and religious occasions to promote the spirit of communication with intellectual and cultural institutions.
As for the web page of the university presidency, there is a specialized staff of two people in the design and electronic programming. Where all the data of the divisions and divisions of the Presidency of the University are collected and try to update them continuously until they are viewed by visitors to the site of Karbala University
The website of Karbala University is composed of several services, including a detailed presentation of the work of sections and divisions and the tasks carried out by the staff, as well as receiving the requests of visitors to the site and submitted to the President of the University.
There is a special window that is dedicated to presenting the details of the conferences, events, projects, and achievements of the university and constantly updating them.

To contact the office, please send an e-mail to