A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Publishes a Qualitative Research in Journal Classified within Scopus (q2)

Dr. Hussein Saadi Al-Fatlawi, who is one of the teaching staff members Faculty of Tourism Sciences, has published a qualitative research in the international journal (Positive Psychology and Wellbeing) within Scopus containers Q2.
The research, titled “Social media news among Iraqi immigrants before and after migration to Europe,” aims at accurately and scientifically describing the phenomenon of illegal immigration, as well as how immigrants use social media to migrate and reach the destination country in Europe.
This research has been conducted in a qualitative manner by relying on in-depth qualitative interviews (structured and semi-structured) as well as focus groups.
The researcher employs the snowball method in order to access the research sample, and after collecting the data obtained by the researchers through interviews with informants, the researcher uses the qualitative program ATLAS.ti 9 to analyze the data.