A Researcher from University of Kerbala Participates in Al- Faw Economic Forum

The researcher who is one of the staff members of Strategic Studies Center / University of Kerbala, Dr. Firas Al-Saffar, has participated in the activities of Al- Faw Economic Forum, Basra, which has been set up by Ishtar Foundation in cooperation with the Iraqi Academics Syndicate.
Dr. Al-Saffar says that the purpose of holding the forum is to clarify the importance of the Al-Faw port and dry canal project and its financial and economic returns on the country, especially if it is linked with the Road and Belt Initiative presented by China, and this project is the best option and the shortest way to connect the East and West. He points out that the participation is in a joint analytical study with a group of researchers entitled: “The Great Port of Al-Faw Project and the Dry Canal, a Gateway to a Sustainable Iraqi Economy.” The forum also includes a tour of the participants in the Al-Faw port project.