Kerbala University Held a Cooperation Agreement with the International Association for Refugees

Kerbala University held a cooperation agreement with the International Association for Refugees to develop programs dedicated to help the internally displaced people and to help alleviate the consequences caused by the war.

The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Munir Al-Saadi, said that a delegation from the International Association for Refugees visited Kerbala University and made a cooperation agreement to aid internally displaced people by developing research groups and student volunteer teams from Kerbala University. These personnel will be trained professionally to provide support and assistance to the internally displaced people as well as rehabilitate them psychologically to ease the process of integration in society. Furthermore, the research teams will examine the forced displacement of people and its consequences on them after the ISIS occupation of several Iraqi cities which caused not only the destruction of cities but also psychological after-effects on the displaced people who once lived in these areas. The president of Kerbala University also stated that there will be an international conference next year that will focus on the negative effects of displacement and the appropriate solutions for this problem.

The person in charge of the psychological support in the International Association for Refugees, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman, stated that the visit to Kerbala University is intended to discuss the psychological ramifications on the people that were forced to leave their areas because of war. Furthermore, he stated that research groups will be formed to study the psychological consequences of the war on the displaced people. He also said that an international conference will be held to examine these effects and their remedies.

A member of the delegation, Hanaa Abdulah, stated that the main objective of the visit is to discuss the potential matters that relate to internally displaced people as well as the host community of Kerbala city. Furthermore, she emphasized the need to conduct scientific studies that can provide psychological aid to these internally displaced people.