Kerbala University Issues a Book on Holy city of Karbala

Asst. Prof. Samir Khalil Shamto, who is a lecturer at Faculty of Tourist Sciences – University of Kerbala, has published a book entitled (Karbala and the Hangings), which is a historical document of events and facts that Karbala witnessed under the Baathist dictatorship, and for more than three decades.
The book, which has 390 pages, includes ten chapters. It has reviewed the repercussions of the revolution during the other chapters, ending with the diaries of the fall of the previous regime in April 2003 until the Karbala governorate organizing its affairs, and the formation of the provincial council in 2003.
This book aims at revealing the conspiracies that surrounded the city of Karbala and penetrated it with plans for expansion and reconstruction in an effort to deform its beauty.