Memorandum of Understanding between Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at University of Kerbala and Al-Zahraa University for Women

According to the cooperation agreement between Karbala University and Al-Zahraa University for Women, a delegation from the faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at University of Kerbala has argued the implementation of the cooperation mechanism between the two universities.

The team consists of the Dean of the faculty of Education for Pure Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hamida Idan Salman, and the associate dean for scientific affairs Assist. Pro. Dr. Muhammad Nadhim Bahjat and the Head of the Department of Biology, Assist. Prof. Dr. Naseer Marzah Hamzah,

The memorandum aims at developing scientific and cultural cooperation between the two universities, and discussing the achievement of productive cooperation between the two universities in the field of scientific research. The Dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Hamida Idan, mentions that the team is ready to fulfill scientific and cultural cooperation for the success of the projects stipulated in the agreement and to expand the scope of joint work between the two universities.