The American Institute of Physics publishing a paper from Kerbala University Pharmacy

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has published a scientific study of some important applications on some organic compounds prepared for teaching from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Kerbala, by Dr. (Jalal Hassan Muhammad Abu Tahin) during a conference held by the University of Technology.
The paper, entitled (The Synthesis and biological evaluation of prodrug amide derivatives based on phenylene dioxy di acetic acid), aims at studying some important applications of some organic compounds that have been prepared and tested as antioxidants and antibacterial agents.
Abu Tahin stated: “The research is considered one of the discreet research and has been published in Scopus containers, indicating:“ A number of new organic compounds were prepared in the form of (amide) from some pharmaceutical compounds containing the amine group with the previously prepared acid and were examined spectroscopically and then applied As antioxidants and bacteria, the results were very good.