University of Kerbala Holding a Symposium on “Positive Behaviours of Students in Educational Contexts “

Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences /University of Kerbala has organized an in-person scientific symposium which is entitled (Positive Behaviors of Students on Campus) with participation of a number of professors and students.
The symposium aims at introducing participants to the importance of controlling the student’s behaviour on campus and building his personality, as well as emphasizing establishment of positive social relations that are characterized by mutual respect among students that depend on the principle of scientific, academic and academic values ​​between the student and the other and between the professor and the student.
The symposium shows that students’ behaviour must be in conformity with the university’s laws, regulations, and instructions in force, and adhere to them.
It emphasizes the need to respectfully deal with faculty members, colleagues, and all affiliates of academic and administrative sectors of the university, while respecting the privacy of each of them.