University of Kerbala Holding a Workshop entitled Cloud Computing Security

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology /University of Kerbala has held a workshop which is entitled “Cloud Security”, with participation of a number of researchers and specialists. It is presented by Dr. Muhammad Mohsen Hassoun and Eng. Ammar Hanoun.
The workshop aims at informing the participants of the most important principles and duties that the service provider must provide to subscribers of cloud computing services.
The workshop deals with the most important principles of cybersecurity that must be available in cloud services, the obligations and duties that the service provider must provide to the user, and other matters related to some tools that can be used to check the programs and systems that are installed on cloud services.
The workshop demonstrates the importance of Amazon platform as one of the most widely used and popular cloud computing platforms due to the services it provides.
The workshop recommends the importance of establishing Amazon Academy at University of Kerbala in order to provide a practical application environment for cloud computing at Information Technology Department.