Monthly Archives: February 2019

A Workshop to Execute Infrastructure Projects

The Engineering College in Kerbala University conducted a workshop regrading building information modelling (BIM) for the purpose of constructing high quality infrastructures with the least cost. The workshop aims at reviewing the latest techniques in constructing and designing buildings by using BIM. This technology is used to reduce the mistakes in the construction and execution as well as improving the ...

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Kerbala University Unveils Its Exceptional E-Learning Program

Kerbala University released its special program to make 2022 a year of transformation in the field of E-Learning. The vice president for scientific affair, Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Ali, stated that the University of Kerbala aims at making E-Learning one of its most important learning and teaching tools for the purpose of reaching excellence in higher education in Iraq and the ...

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Kerbala University Conducts an Educational Seminar to Eliminate Violence Against Women

The veterinary college in Kerbala University conducted a seminar entitled ‘Stopping Violence Against Women’ to eradicate the injustice that some women are suffering. The Dean of the college, Prof. Dr. Wifaq Al-Bazi, stated that the seminar conducted by Dr. Ahmad Al-Zirjawi aimed at eliminating the violence that some women face in society because of the improper use of power. At ...

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