Kerbala University

Kerbala University

Kerbala University was established in the city of Kerbala by a decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research No. 15 of 2002. Since then, the University has expanded to become one of the top universities, not only within the country but also in the region. The University of Kerbala is one of the leading institutions in its higher education and knowledge because of its innovative way of academic administration, human resources development, and capacity to excel in research and education on various levels of science, art, humanities, medicine and social sciences. Kerbala University offers excellent education to Iraqi and foreign students.

The university also aims to provide students with quality education in each field of specialization at each stage. The university encourages staff as well as students to carry out valuable research programs that are dedicated to economic growth, country development, and human development. In addition, the University aims to connect the public interests to the local, regional and international levels by fostering cultural development and providing educational and training opportunities for the society. Since its establishment in 2002, the University has been an important force in the development of culture and intellect in Iraq.

The campus is about 6 km from the Old Town. There are 16 colleges in the University which are The Faculty of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Engineering, College of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Education, Faculty of Management and Economics, Faculty of Law, College of Science, College of Agriculture, College of Islamic Sciences, College of Religious Tourism, Faculty of Human Education, College of Education for Pure Science, and Faculty of Nursing. The University also has a central library, which contains about 25,000 books and magazines, including collections of foreign books and periodicals classified alphabetically as well as CD titles and full-text services. These services provide opportunities for effective upgrading of all academic information available to the students. Furthermore, the network computer center is connected to other computer facilities via fast internet connection.


The university envisions the achievement of excellence that will make it one of the top ranking universities in the region and the world.

The message

– Excellent scientific and managerial performance

– Professional and competent staff

–Dependable curricula

– Various community services

– Qualified graduates


The university aims to achieve the following:

–To attain excellent scientific and administrative performance through the recruitment and development of faculty members and employees by engaging them in courses, conferences, and workshops inside and outside Iraq.

– To develop various scientific disciplines and graduate programs.

–To serve and develop the society and provide educational, training and consulting services in the different fields of knowledge.

–To meet the demands of the labor market by producing qualified graduates in various disciplines.

– To achieve international standards in higher education by ensuring the quality of its outputs and performance.