University of Kerbala Discussing a PhD Dissertation on Immunomolecular Detection

College of Science / University of Kerbala has discussed the Ph.D dissertation which is entitled “Immunomolecular Detection of some Chemokines and interleukin 6 receptor Polymorphisms in Covid-19 patients suffering from pneumonia”.
The study, presented by Dhurgham Hassan Shatti, Department of Biology, aims at evaluating some molecular and immunological parameters of Covid-19 patients and their association with varying symptoms of Covid-19 infection.
The study concludes that there is a positive correlation between immune and viral factors with varying symptoms of Covid-19, in addition to consider TA genotype of mutant (rs4845374-IL6R), and AC genotype (rs2228145-IL6R) as a protective factor, and GA genotype of mutant (rs1799864-CCR2) is considered as a factor. Danger.
The study recommends using Covid-19 protein levels and serum levels of IL-6R and CCR2 as a routine assessment for every Covid-19 case because their levels are highly associated with critical cases of the disease.