Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit Department holds an important role within the administration of the University of Kerbala. Managerially, it is directly connected to the University President. The department is led by an academician with an advanced degree in accounting and auditing, and possess practical experience in the field of auditing.

Department’s Vision:
The goal of the department is to excel in delivering consultations and support while evaluating performance to ensure the efficient and effective utilization of available resources across all colleges, departments, and units within the university. This will lead to continuous development and improvement of the university.

Department’s Mission:
The department aims to ensure the quality of auditing and oversight practices in the university and all its units by optimizing the use of the university’s capabilities and resources. This involves active participation from all staff members within the department, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding public funds.

Department’s Objectives:

  1. Ensuring adherence to laws, regulations, instructions, and procedures, including the internal control system.
  2. Committing to the established plans and objectives of the university, aligning with the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  3. Validating the accuracy of financial transactions and activities within the university and its affiliated entities.
  4. Evaluating administrative performance, identify deviations, and recommend suitable corrective actions to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative procedures.
  5. Maximizing the utilization of financial and human resources.
  6. Delivering reports to senior management based on audit visits for evaluation and decision-making purposes.

Department’s Divisions:

The department consists of the following:

1. Financial Audit Division
This division is tasked with overseeing and auditing the financial transactions of all colleges and departments within the university. It ensures the correct implementation of the operational and investment budgets, as well as financial transactions related to higher education funds and financial units affiliated with the university.

2. Administrative Audit Division
This division is tasked with monitoring and auditing the university’s administrative, scientific, and legal activities to ensure the accomplishment of the university’s objectives while adhering to laws, regulations, and guidelines.

3. Report Monitoring Division
This division is responsible for preparing periodic reports that are submitted to the senior management of the university and the ministry. It also monitors reports issued by the Diwan of Financial Control and other relevant authorities concerning the university. Additionally, the division is tasked with responding to reports from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Integrity Commission, ensuring the implementation of the observations mentioned in those reports.