A Lecturer from Kerbala University Receives a Patent on Extracting DNA from Plant pathogenic fungi

The lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Kerbala, the researcher Dr. Adnan Abdul-Jalil Lahouf, has obtained a patent on extracting DNA from fungi pathogenic to plants using an easy, fast and cost-effective method.
Dr. Adnan Abdul-Jalil states that the patent has been granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, and it aims at extracting the genomic DNA from several pathogenic fungi of different plant families using an easy, fast and cheap method for the purpose of conducting many molecular analyzes.
He adds that samples have been collected from the pure fungal growth of both the fungi that cause seed rot disease and the death of wheat seedlings, the fungus that causes the reactionary death of grape trees, the fungus pathogen of potato plants causing root rot disease and the crown area and the fungus that causes blight on the lily plant, and a process of determination of the sequence of nitrogenous bases is performed which have been analyzed using bioinformatics analysis methods for the purpose of accurate diagnosis of pathogenic fungi and to determine the genetic and evolutionary relationships between them and the fungal communities,
He indicates that the innovative study is easy to implement, quick to implement, low in costs, and suitable for conducting many molecular analyzes of a number of pathogenic fungi of different plant families in the specialized fields.