President’s Speech of Karbala University

In view of the global importance of higher education internationally, Karbala university attempts to reach what is required.  The fact that the quality of education has become an inherent duty, and the responsibility of every individual belonging to this sector, as well as its various and various institutions, especially the University of Karbala, which  has taken on this role, and strives to achieve more. It tries to enhance excellence and competitiveness, to develop the academic and research roles of its outputs, and to encourage its national and international standing by continuing to activate more modern and sophisticated methods.

The university has been steadfast in its march  to support, implement and consolidate the policies set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Added to that , it embarks on the implementation of its civilizational and scientific project towards further development. As a way of  in determining its priorities and create an academic model capable of overcoming  challenges, the University has set the objectives of the government program 2018-2022, so as to identify the methodological steps necessary to apply it into projects on the reality, according to specific time limits.

Karbala University deals seriously  with its highly influential environment, considering its components and its religious environment, which is immersed in holiness which added to the university an unconventional duty in its academic and scientific practices as well as the nature of activities and events. The university is a real gateway in building and supplying the community with scientific energies  and contribute to the building of Iraq.

The university considers its members – professors, employees and students – as the backbone of life which is the main factor that the university has sought to strengthen its effectiveness and activate to participate with other elements in the formation of the academic process in advance. Actually, the staff is  as the ultimate goal of all the efforts made by the university to achieve advanced levels of performance and presence on the national and international scene.


Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Nile al-Seedi