A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Publishes a Research in an International Journal

A lecturer from Faculty of Dentistry / University of Kerbala, Asst. Lect. Abdul Redha Muhammad, published a scientific research in DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The study, which is entitled “Vactosertib potently improves anti-tumor properties of 5-FU for colon cancer,” aims at exploring therapeutic potential of Vactosertib and its effect on process of development and growth of cancerous tumors in colon and rectum in both cellular and animal research models.
The study concludes that this substance has effective anti-tumor effects in colon and rectum, as it works to reduce cancerous tumors, stop cycle life of cancer cell, and reduce process of cellular migration of cancer cells.
DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is published by international publishing house Springer in United Kingdom. It is one of journals ranked as (Q2), and has an impact factor of 4.3 in Scopus rankings.