A Seminar at the University of Kerbala, entitled “Renewable Energies”

The Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Karbala has held a seminar entitled “Renewable Energies”, with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists through the application (zoom) presented  by Dr. Muhammad Hamid Hussain and Dr. Jaber Omar Dahlous.

 The seminar aims at introducing society to the benefits of renewable energies compared to traditional energies and encouraging teachers and students to use renewable energies instead of alternative energies.

  The workshop deals with the topic of renewable energies and their types and their practical applications in daily life, with focusing on the importance of being environmentally friendly in terms of thermal and gaseous emissions, while traditional energies have a negative impact, that is, they affect the ozone layer and thus the entry of harmful ultraviolet radiation to humans, in addition to  the fact that traditional energies are energy permeable to penetration.

  The lecturer recommends a shift from using traditional energies to sustainable energies and encouraging community members to do so.