A Training Course at Kerbala University on the Basics of Electrical and Magnetic

With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Kerbala  has hold a training course entitled “Electrical and Magnetic Basics and Experiments for the Second Stage of the Electrical and Magnetic Laboratory”.

The course deals with two axes, the first is defining the electrical and magnetic basics and ways of originating the magnetic field from the moving charge at a regular and irregular speed.  The second axis is to learn the style of linking the basics of the magnetic field to the experiences of the second phase of the electrical and magnetic material and to communicate the information accurately to the student’s mind.

The course aims at developing the student’s creative field, keeping pace with technological development, engaging the rest of the professors in this field, and presenting the most important fields that serve scientific progress and the development of students’ abilities,

The course recommends that the necessity of giving way to the student’s participation is one of the proposed steps  in order to show his creative potential and enhance confidence in himself and also involve him to develop the laboratory through practical experiences.