A Training Course at University of Kerbala on Conference Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology / University of Kerbala has held an electronic training course entitled (Conference management using openconf), with the participation of a number of specialists and researchers.
The course includes a detailed explanation of the conference management system. The first day, it deals with the basics of conference management and the important steps to ensure its success.
It discusses the management of the conference through the openconf system, clarifying the basics of the system and the options available in it for managing the research sent since the beginning of its sending to the conference by the participating researchers until the final decision is taken, whether it is acceptance or rejection, and the identification of scientific committees and evaluators and how to register them in the system, clarify the tasks of each one of them, the method of sending research from the system to the scientific committees, and monitoring all cases of research, including capture and evaluation.
It also shows how to manage research data and researchers and save a copy of this data for use in subsequent conference sessions, in addition to issuing reports on everything in the system, such as the number of research for each axis in particular and all themes in general. This session has been attended by more than (50) participants interested in this topic from various faculties and other universities.