An Electronic Workshop at Kerbala University on Ways of Addressing Administrative Corruption

Under the patronage of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Nayel Al-Saidi, and under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science Prof. Dr. Habib Ali Taher, a large number of university professors, employees, and college students in Iraq have attended the workshop.
It aims to introducing the recipient to the importance of the issue of administrative corruption and what are its manifestations so that the image is clear to him more broadly than the authorities concerned with this topic. The workshop discusses the concept of administrative corruption, its forms and the reasons for its spread, as well asits effects on the state and society, the solutions that limit its spread, as well as knowing the bodies that cause administrative corruption.
The workshop recommends that it is necessary to activate the supervisory role of the institutions concerned in an attempt to limit its exacerbation and spread in state institutions.