Discussing a Ph. D. thesis for a professor from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Kerbala University about the determining the causes of poor response of treatment in patients with schizophrenia.

The teaching staff at the College of Veterinary Ass. Prof. Rana Fadel Moussa from the University of Karbala – College of Veterinary Medicine / Physiology Department, Discussing her Ph.D. thesis named (study the correlation between the immune biomarkers with the endogenous opioides and their receptors in treatment resistant schizophrenia patients ) at the Faculty of Science / University of Kufa.
This thesis talked about the changes in some immune biomarkers and endogenous opioides in schizophrenia patients who partially respond to treatment and who are resistant to treatment.
The thesis showed the presence of activity in the inflammatory response in patients with interleukins 6 and 10 and the eutotoxin compared to healthy people , and an increase in the levels of beta-endorphins, endomorphins, opioid receptors in patients resistant to treatment, which indicates the presence of higher activity in the internal opioid system that leads to cognitive deficits and the level of fibrocystic and muscular pain
The thesis concluded that there is a triple link between brain function, the immune system, and the endogenous opioid system, which leads to poor response to treatment in patients with schizophrenia.